California Qhotspa


6 People

590 x 220 x 136/150

Swimspa This is one of the last entrants in our QHOTSPA range. It features a large swimming area with 3 venturi adjustable pumps 3PK counterflow effect this over 3 Swim Turbo wide jets. The California with his 136/150 depth makes this swim into a full swim spa for adults and children who really want to swim or just play the pool. The California can add a swimming Aquatic system, which makes it quieter swimming and aqua gym for you even easier. In the pool area we have after your swimming marathon. If you want to relax in the individually filtered and heated spa area, two massage seats (1 * 2PK) where you can stay there, you have a 4 seat and one berth spa available. This is powered by 2 * 3HP pumps to relax and massage your muscles. Best possible A zone air venturi system is used for fine reproduced measures the ability of the various massagezetels.De adjustable omstellers ensure a good distribution of the pump power over the entire spa separately. The individual circuatiepomp provides sufficient flow filtration to keep along with the built-in ozonator. The bath clear A TITANIUM of 3.8 kw heater will make your spa quickly and easily warmed and can be. Held This spa is a mood maker color LED underwater lights and fiber on the edge of the water surface, which brings your water color in the right atmosphere. The depth of the spa provides better protection and relaxation during the colder winter days. This swim spa gave us twice the top HIGH END computer system of GECKO on board all the checks and system changes in a fraction of a second to ensure uitvoerd. Carefree you the maximum enjoyment of your spa Standard color: White; Different configurations.